Sunday, August 22, 2010

Friends come and go...

In life, it is inevitable to have friends - to be able to create a certain kind of relationship or should I say a BOND.

I am indeed a self-confessed "makapal ang mukha"! Yah right! With this attitude of mine, I've been able to have friends.. Lots of friends. Yet, im prone to misinterpretations and wrong judgements.

Well, all I care about is having friends. I am an avid fan of the saying "NO MAN is AN ISLAND". We are all interdependent to each other. God made us not only as Human Beings but also SOCIAL BEINGS. We tend to be in a group a establish a sense of belongingness since we are humans who need someone to rely on in times of trouble.

I had established many friendships althrought my life. The sad thing is I am sometimes left alone by some people whom I consider as good friends. Friends do have promises. Friends do create pacts. Pacts that would last a lifetime... for some.

At the end of the day, I am still glad because a BUNCH of THEM stayed. Friends do come and go! DEAL WITH IT!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Proud to be SINGLE!

In a Relationship...
It's Complicated...
In an Open Relationship...

Lots of what you called "ek-ek" especially in your Facebook Status!

But there is one status that is loved by all ----- SINGLE!

Well, I am indeed Proud to belong in this kind of status in the society. Actually, I am not fond of engaging into such commitment for I believe that I am currently enjoying the KIND of FREEDOM that I have which I think you can't fully savour when you are IN A RELATIONSHIP.

The FACT that NO HEARTBREAKS and PAIN EXPERIENCES... I am pretty sure lots of us now are sort of afraid in engaging in such bonds of love.

But WAIT! I am not pressured at all! I mean... I still believe in the cliche that goes, "TRUE LOVE WAITS". Whoever is that TRUE LOVE, that someone is just lurking in your midst and waiting to be discovered. LOVE do comes in various ways and is expressed in several manners. I mean, all of us are CREATED by GOD out of HIS LOVE to Human kind. Which means that, we, humans, have this natural feeling called LOVE.

I am just wondering why others are kinda pressured to have Bfs and Gfs even at an early age. They somewhat misinterpret the real essence of having such --- its all about COMPANIONSHIP. Sex is not the DETERMINANT on proving your love for a certain person. It is just a LAME EXCUSE in order to fulfill one's LUSCIOUS desire.

So, before in engaging such --- THINK TWICE! You wouldn't cry over your pillows at night and drink to the ground just to feel the pain of HEART BRAKES.

Live LIFE!


Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th whereabouts!

In an article I have browsed over the net: (

According to CNN, between 17 and 21 million people suffer from paraskavedekatriaphobia, or fear of Friday the 13th. As today marks the third Friday the 13th in 2009, one may consider packing an extra vile of holy water in their pockets, avoiding ladders and taking extra caution near mirrors.

Bloggers have weighed in on the rumors and myths surrounding the day, see what they have to say:

Mid-Day: "It's a common belief to beware of Friday the 13th, but most Mumbaikars are not particularly worried that today is one such day." "The sixth day of the week and the number 13 have foreboding reputations said to date from ancient times, and their inevitable conjunction from one to three times a year portends more misfortune than some credulous minds can bear. Here's why..."

Island Crisis: "The fear of Friday 13th is simply called Paraskevidekatriaphobia and the fear of the number 13 in overall is called Triskaidekaphobia. Save the words for a future use, you never know when you might need them. Well I said “simply” but maybe noting them in your diary will the best idea."


Is FRIDAY the 13th really that unlucky day?

Well, I can't blame the people who have fears in such date... The only thing I could blame for is the MEDIA itself and people who tend to deal with it in EXAGGERATION. Number 13 and Friday would not have been that so unlucky to perceive not until the horror movie FRIDAY the 13th starring Jason Vorhees as the killer appeared in the late 80s. It is then coupled with series of published books and articles of the related buzz. People began to somehow thought FRIDAY as unlucky and bad since Jason tends to kill during this day and several accidents occur also. After that, the what you so-called as "CO-INCIDENCE SYNDROME" where people tend to reconnect things and think that all bad stuffs happen on Friday the 13th. They tend to exaggerate various scenarios as people with the same unlucky experiences during this day share their thoughts. Thus, creating a WORLDWIDE fuzz about such.

If only, FRIDAY could speak on its behalf... It would defend itself on the court and would sue LIBEL to the millions of people who have these misconceptions.

Well, I am glad that I don't believe in such even though this day would be ruined by inevitable events. It is just having a strong GROUND and FOUNDATION of GODLY TEACHINGS and BELIEFS that would generate HOPE and OUTLOOK that everything happens for a reason at the right TIME --- in God's time.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Pose with GenSan's Pride - XB GENSAN!

General Santos City is indeed the HOME OF MULTI-TALENTED Individuals!

From the WORLD BOXING CHAMPION - Manny Pacquiao
To the PBB Hopeful and Big Winner - Gerald Anderson and Melai Canteveros
Now, welcomes another member of the GENSAN PRIDE TEAM - the XB GenSan!!!

As we all know, XB GENSAN was the champion of the recently concluded SHOWTIME GRAND FINALS for SEASON 1. Their victory became the HOT PANCAKE of the TOWN for almost a month. They were just so deserving to win! Given the fact that they are only the WILDCARD Contestant, their determination and undying PASSION has captured the hearts of the HURADOS and the MADLANG PEOPLE of COURSE!

XB GenSan is now enjoying the taste of the LIME LIGHT with left-and-right TV guestings and Production Numbers in different ABS-CBN shows.

August 12, 1010 - The XB GENSAN was duly recognized by the 6th Session of the Sangguniang Panlungsod ng Heneral Santos through the initiative of Honourable Kagawad Virgie Llido, the Chair on Tourism. The SP has submitted and amended a RESOLUTION that gives RECOGNITION to XB GENSAN for bringing PRIDE and HONOUR to the TUNA CITY.

Of course, the recognition won't end without XB GENSAN giving a SAMPLE!

I was just overwhelmed and amazed to see them finally performing LIVE! Should I say, I had a hair-raising experience as I see them dancing with so much PASSION and DETERMINATION.

Now, I can truly say why XB GENSAN brought home the BACON!

Mabuhay ang XB GENSAN!


Monday, August 9, 2010

Twitter VS Facebook (A Short Comp-Const)

There are indeed lots of fuss and whereabouts on what social networking site is SIMPLY THE BEST! Of all the Social Networking sites in the world, TWITTER and FACEBOOK are the HOT PANCAKES among web addicts! I am so confident in making such article since I have accounts on both. So, allow me to elaborate the comparison and contrast of both sites according to my observations and hands-on experiences:


1. Twitter is indeed USER FRIENDLY compared to FACEBOOK! Amidst various comments that Twitter is so difficult to use. Well, I beg to disagree. Twitter's Application is much easier to use and is less complicated compared to FACEBOOK. Geez! FACEBOOK is just stuffed with lots of non-sense information, add-ons and applications. TWITTER's simplicity in all of its applications simply caught the attention of many imcluding celebrities.

2. Twitter is a venue for PRIVACY! If you consider yourself FAMOUS or a PUBLIC FIGURE, TWITTER is just right for you. Unlike from FACEBOOK, all your shout-outs, notifications and stuffs are seen freely by everyone or by your friends. This scenario are just few of the reasons why FAMOUS PERSONALITIES don't activate any more their Facebook Accounts. Twitter is indeed the right place to enjoy PRIVACY since there is only 1 PICTURE shown on your Profile other than downloading some through TWEET PHOTO. You need not to worry of stalkers and posers any more since TWITTER is less PUBLIC compared to FACEBOOK.

3. Twitter protects you from unwanted STALKERS, enemies and persons you just don't like. Aside that it has no CHAT BOX compared to FB, people can't really identify if your ONLINE or NOT considering the fact that you can't CHAT through Twitter itself.

4. Twitter is definitely the CROWNED ONLINE DIARY! I don't consider Facebook to be one since it is not appropriate to FLOOD stuffs on FB. Your friends would kinda get annoyed of your minute-to-minute updates which is apparently seen in their WALLS. Although Twitter has no WALL, it is the best site to flood updates and whereabouts.

5. Twitter enables you to have FOLLOWERS instead of FRIENDS. It may be hard to earn FOLLOWERS on TWITTER than FRIENDS on FACEBOOK, it is just fulfilling to see the increase of your followers even though you are not famous at all.

6. Twitter gives you updates on your favourite PERSONALITIES and CELEBRITIES which FACEBOOK can't give. It is not intended for FAMOUS PEOPLE but also to ordinary ones. Twitter is simply a get-away social networking site that is hassle-free and easy to use.


1. Facebook is just so interactive compared to Twitter. If you don't feel to be like a SHOWBIZ PERSONALITY at all, Facebook would really appeal to your taste. Studded with various applications and GIMIKS, it is just so BOREDOM BUSTER to use Facebook over Twitter which is plain texts at all. In Facebook, you can post albums, see your friends pages, browse to various profiles... almost anything under the sun. FB would not bore you if you just keep on exploring!

2. Facebook is a good venue to gain friends and even locate the long losts. It is a good site for REUNION compared to Twitter who just let you follow FAMOUS PERSONS. Facbeook is just so accessible to all your friends all OVER THE GLOBE.

3. Facebook is a good venue for ANNOUNCEMENTS and ADVERTISEMENTS. Its large scope allows its users to be visibly seen by others. Compared to TWITTER, it is just the most effective site to advertise stuffs and announce important information.

4. Facebook is just appealing to the MASSES compared to TWITTER! Almost all the people you know has FACEBOOK since it is for them easier to use compared to TWITTER. Facebook is also the site that is considered as the new REPLACEMENT of the nearly-defunt FRIENDSTER.

5. Facebook enhances your SOCIAL SKILLS as you begin to interact with various kinds of people from all races over the GLOBE. Twitter doesn't enhance you socially since you tend to follow limited people and more on CELEBRITIES and FAMOUS PERSONA.

6. Your privacy might be at stake but if you are just careful enough in posting sensitive matters, you would get along well and enjoy the various FEATURES of FACEBOOK.

I have spoken my side. Now, you decide which is which!


My Motivation

My Love for GOD is the best thing that motivated me to where I am now at this point in my life. I lift up everything to Him and offer to Him all my pains, sufferings, hopes and joys. I owe to Him my existence so I lived by His ideals and teachings. Amidst my imperfections, I have strived to live in accordance to His will. All of these became my motivation to strive harder and pursue excellence in everything I do for I strongly believe that this is the life He wanted me to live and experience.

My family played a big role and more so became my inspiration and motivation to be at my very best in everything I do. They are the persons who have given me overflowing love and undying support in times of fervor and distress. They became my shield against the principalities of evil and temptations. Indeed, I am a family-oriented person.

My teachers and professors in College also played a vital role in molding my values formation. They were my second parents who guided my studies and inculcated in me the Core values of NDDU namely the Marian Spirit, Humility, Simplicity, Preference for the Least Favored, Presence and Participation, Love of Work, Integrity of Creation and Quality Education. They were the one who gave me constructive criticisms in order for me to improve and expand my horizon. My teachers and professors taught me the basics of life. They provided us with vivid picture on what is to expect in the real world after college.

My friends and peers were the one who have placed colors and spices in my life. They are used to be strangers and now new found brothers and sisters who are worth-keeping a lifetime. They were the people who taught us to smile and enjoy the best things in life. They taught me the values of trust and respect since all of us are bonded with similarities and lots of differences. They taught me to deal with life in a lighter perspective. They were the persons who truly understand me after my family.

I owe to them everything!!!

How were you able to lead a balanced life as a student?

I have lived a balanced life as a student by remembering these two words: TIME and ACTION Management. Time Management is really a big and vital factor especially for students for it defines the proper spacing of all your actions. Before you can have your actions, first you must be able to set the time. Time Management really helped me a lot in maintaining balance in my student life for it allows me to budget every minute into meaningful activities. I value so much the time I have for my studies, the time for my extra-curricular activities, the time for my recreations, the time for myself and the time for my loved ones. These things would not have been possible to give attention to if I failed to manage my time. It is more so of prioritizing and weighing the amount of time a certain aspect must have. I might be spending more time with my family and loved ones during vacations and more time of studying during semesters. However, I must not lack time in every aspect of my life for I strongly believe that TIME is GOLD and IRREVERSIBLE.

A perfect combination for TIME MANAGEMENT is ACTION MANAGEMENT. After deciding and weighing the amount of time I must spend in every aspect of my life, I must now act and do something that would make this amount of time worthy. Action management is the application of my decisions and the result of my choices. This is my response from the allotted time you have decided to allocate. As a student, this refers to all my actions such as studying itself, doing home works and projects, attending school affairs and all the things that demands physical and even mental operations. It is important for us students to have a wise Action management so that we could be able to do the right thing that would benefit our future.

This is my secret in living a balanced life as a student. A combination of TIME and ACTION management that is really effective in coming up with decisions and actions that are in favor of my bright future.