Friday, August 20, 2010

Proud to be SINGLE!

In a Relationship...
It's Complicated...
In an Open Relationship...

Lots of what you called "ek-ek" especially in your Facebook Status!

But there is one status that is loved by all ----- SINGLE!

Well, I am indeed Proud to belong in this kind of status in the society. Actually, I am not fond of engaging into such commitment for I believe that I am currently enjoying the KIND of FREEDOM that I have which I think you can't fully savour when you are IN A RELATIONSHIP.

The FACT that NO HEARTBREAKS and PAIN EXPERIENCES... I am pretty sure lots of us now are sort of afraid in engaging in such bonds of love.

But WAIT! I am not pressured at all! I mean... I still believe in the cliche that goes, "TRUE LOVE WAITS". Whoever is that TRUE LOVE, that someone is just lurking in your midst and waiting to be discovered. LOVE do comes in various ways and is expressed in several manners. I mean, all of us are CREATED by GOD out of HIS LOVE to Human kind. Which means that, we, humans, have this natural feeling called LOVE.

I am just wondering why others are kinda pressured to have Bfs and Gfs even at an early age. They somewhat misinterpret the real essence of having such --- its all about COMPANIONSHIP. Sex is not the DETERMINANT on proving your love for a certain person. It is just a LAME EXCUSE in order to fulfill one's LUSCIOUS desire.

So, before in engaging such --- THINK TWICE! You wouldn't cry over your pillows at night and drink to the ground just to feel the pain of HEART BRAKES.

Live LIFE!


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Karingking said...

kasali ako jan sa ngstay mike? :)