Monday, April 18, 2011

Kapuso Mall Show Photos Set 3

Kapuso Mall Show Photos Set 2

Kapuso Mall Show Photos Set 1

The First Set of my Photo Opps with Kapuso Stars during Mall Shows all throughout my stay in GMA.

Indeed, a great BONUS for me! Thanks GMA!

Farewell and Thank you mga Kapuso!

I don't want this note to be categorized as a Farewell one... Hence, I would like to have an imprint of gratitude and memories that are worth remembering...

September 29, 2010... when the nine of us met and became the PIONEERING BATCH of GMA GENSAN!

No words can explain the feeling of becoming part of one of the largest Broadcasting company in the Philippines...

Way back then... All of us experienced hardships and challenges that tested our personality, teamwork, relationship with our co-workers and even tested our loyalty to the company. Through thick and thin, we have become one family with one heart... and that is to deliver SERBISYONG TOTOO to our viewers and kapuso.

The Show ISYU KARON SOCCSKSARGEN has been my Learning ground. It is the show that showcased the other side of me. The show that gave me an opportunity to expand my horizon as a Reporter and a Public Servant.

Thank you for all the appreciation and criticisms. Those were vital for me to become better and for me to learn new things as well. Indeed, imperfections runs in my blood but improvement were always there on my bloodstream.

For all those who supported me, directly or indirectly, thank you very much for being a part of my journey in GMA. I may not know all of you personally, but thank you for the prayers, the texts, the comments and the simple gestures of smiling and recognition. My heartfelt gratitude for letting MICHAEL CARBON be a part of your Daily Afternoon Habit.

To all the people and groups that I have featured... Thank you for allowing me to mirror your life to the society. It was an honor meeting you all.

To all my BOSSES in GMA, thank you Ma'am and Sir for trusting and for giving me this rare opportunity to be a part of this prestigious compnay.

And of course, to my GMA GENSAN family. A Million Thank you for all the memories we have shared with each other.

No words can describe the feeling I had during the days that we are doing the hardest job of producing a show and letting it survive week after weeks. And now, the show left a mark to all the GENERALS out there. Truly indeed, IT IS EASY TO CRITICIZE WHEN YOU"RE NOT IN THE POSITION.

Thank you guys for always cheering me up. You've become the main ingredient of my success and improvemnets. I'll see you soon guys!

and to our God the Father and my Papa who is now in Heaven, my hearfelt gratitude for guiding me and giving me enough stregth to withstand the greatest storms that lies ahead of my journey. I hope Lord that you will continue to bless me and shower upon me your grace as I take another step towards my dreams in life.


For the last time...