Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Personal Tips to Graduating College Students

NDDU Graduation, Batch 2010

Well, March is just around the corner and I already could envision thousands of togas to be worn and diplomas to be given away.

Of course, the competition and struggle doesn't end in the four corners of the campus hence it gets tougher in the outside world - the World of Employment. I know a few percentage of the graduates shall venture into self-employment and business. Majority will eventually land on a job. 

Therefore, I am giving away my personal tips to all Graduating college students out there. I may not be that kind of "experienced one" (Oops! I've been an employee for almost 2 years to date) but I'm sure my small tips could be a great starter to some of you.

1. Of course, the very BASIC ONE, "Never Assume Unless Stated"

Which means, finish first all your Graduation requirements (maybe Academic or Extra-Curricular) before planning any Trips and Graduation Parties. Don't be too confident and easy-go-lucky. Remember, unless you don't have your name printed in the diploma, you are not an official Graduate yet. In bisaya, "AYAW KAAYO I-FEEL"!

2. Set Goals and target a Career

This is I think the most critical part after graduation... You need to know your goals. Try to ask yourselves, do I want to land on a job or do I want to own a business? You need to weigh things up. Being an employee and being self-employed is a whole new different aspect with pros and const. Discern and ask advice from your parents and close friends. You don't want to regret such in the end. Be practical and think 5 years ahead so that you could envision yourself to which path will you choose. 

3. Have a Break

C'mon! This is so true. You've been going to school since Nursery up to College. That's almost 20 years or more of your life. Why not allot even a month or several months after vacation. Go on a trip with your family and friends. Enjoy the moment of being finally free from the four corners of your school. Treat yourself. 

April 2010 pic taken at Boracay

4. Prepare your Resume and Requirements

Well, after you have taken a vacation or a break. You need to prepare your Comprehensive Resume and the basic requirements you will be needing in finding a job. Equip yourselves with such documents so that it would be an easy access for future jobs and employment opportunities out there. Make sure that your Resume is updated, the picture attached is colored and formal and the entries are complete, brief and reliable. Make sure also that you have fixed your School papers such as DIPLOMAS, Transcript of Records and the like. And also, print 5-10 copies of your resume. You would not just settle for a single job posting right?

5. Be more aggressive ONLINE.

If you have the resources such as the Internet and laptop, why not use it for Job Hunting. Instead of being on Facebook all day, try visiting online classified ads and job postings. There are thousands of job opportunities online if you just have the patience in finding one. There are some companies which requires online submission of resume so be sure to have a soft copy of it. The Online World is at its peak this century so it is better to use such technology in finding wonderful job opportunities.

6. Never expect a HIGH SALARY right away

This is I think the misconceptions of every fresh graduate out there. Lower your expectations guys. You are a fresh graduate. Therefore, your rate is far from those who are skilled and experienced one. You may be a graduate of a prestige school or may have be "LAUDE", but hey... you are all Fresh Graduates. You are likely to start from an average salary rate (depending on your job). Don't be too choosy. Always remember that millions of unemployed persons are out there dying to have a job. If you have the opportunity, grab it. Sooner, you'll be investing experiences and learning that would be a great help towards a greener pasture in the future.

These are just few of my personal tips to all future YUPPIES out there! Be confident. In the end, its not about the school and the honors you have acquired from college counts, its the thing called "DISKARTE"!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Job Vacancies at SM City General Santos' Mall Admin

ÄWith extensive Managerial Experience in the Areas of Management, Customer Service and Tenant Relations or have gained considerable experience in Customer-oriented Service Industries, preferably, in Hotels, Restaurants and Fast Food chains;
ÄBackground in Building Administration or Mall Operations, Property, Safety and Security Management;
ÄKnowledge of Foreign Language is an advantage;
ÄKeen on details and with good sense of judgment; 
ÄExcellent verbal and written communication skills;
ÄAbility to withstand pressure and long hours of work; and
ÄCapable of handling shifting schedules and working on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays
ÄAt least (3) years Managerial Experience in the fields of Advertising and Promotion Management, and Human Resources Management;
ÄGraduate of any four year course, preferably BS Fine Arts [Advertising] or Mass Communications;
ÄExcellent communication skills and able to relate well with all levels in the organization.

ÄOne (1) year Managerial Experience in Property Development and Building Administration;
ÄLicensed Civil or Mechanical Engineer
ÄWith excellent communication skills and able to relate well with all levels in the organization; 
ÄProficient in computer software application.

ÄGraduate of any four year course from a reputable college or university;
ÄWith excellent communication skills and able to relate well with all levels in the organization; and
ÄComputer literate.

ÄGraduate of Bachelor of Fine Arts from a reputable university, a major in Interior Design will be an advantage;
ÄTwo (2) years related supervisory experience in art-related works preferably with a retail business enterprise;
ÄComputer literate and Excellent communication skills.

ÄUndergraduate of Fine Arts or Architecture or Drafting or any related vocational courses; and
ÄExperience in spray painting, airbrush, hand painting, lay outing, and drawing will be an advantage. Preferably Male.

For Cinema Snack bar
ÄGraduate of any four-year business course
ÄComputer literate, and 3 years work experience, preferably in food-related establishment.
ÄAnalytic, with excellent communication skills and able to relate well with all levels in the organization.

Interested parties may send their Comprehensive Resume
with 2”x2” colored picture  and Transcript of Records to:

SM SUPERMALLS - General Santos
San Miguel Street, Corner Santiago Boulevard,
General Santos City
Email Address: ann.bulnes@smsupermalls.com