Sunday, August 22, 2010

Friends come and go...

In life, it is inevitable to have friends - to be able to create a certain kind of relationship or should I say a BOND.

I am indeed a self-confessed "makapal ang mukha"! Yah right! With this attitude of mine, I've been able to have friends.. Lots of friends. Yet, im prone to misinterpretations and wrong judgements.

Well, all I care about is having friends. I am an avid fan of the saying "NO MAN is AN ISLAND". We are all interdependent to each other. God made us not only as Human Beings but also SOCIAL BEINGS. We tend to be in a group a establish a sense of belongingness since we are humans who need someone to rely on in times of trouble.

I had established many friendships althrought my life. The sad thing is I am sometimes left alone by some people whom I consider as good friends. Friends do have promises. Friends do create pacts. Pacts that would last a lifetime... for some.

At the end of the day, I am still glad because a BUNCH of THEM stayed. Friends do come and go! DEAL WITH IT!

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Karingking said...

kasali ako dito sa ngstay mike? :)