Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Pose with GenSan's Pride - XB GENSAN!

General Santos City is indeed the HOME OF MULTI-TALENTED Individuals!

From the WORLD BOXING CHAMPION - Manny Pacquiao
To the PBB Hopeful and Big Winner - Gerald Anderson and Melai Canteveros
Now, welcomes another member of the GENSAN PRIDE TEAM - the XB GenSan!!!

As we all know, XB GENSAN was the champion of the recently concluded SHOWTIME GRAND FINALS for SEASON 1. Their victory became the HOT PANCAKE of the TOWN for almost a month. They were just so deserving to win! Given the fact that they are only the WILDCARD Contestant, their determination and undying PASSION has captured the hearts of the HURADOS and the MADLANG PEOPLE of COURSE!

XB GenSan is now enjoying the taste of the LIME LIGHT with left-and-right TV guestings and Production Numbers in different ABS-CBN shows.

August 12, 1010 - The XB GENSAN was duly recognized by the 6th Session of the Sangguniang Panlungsod ng Heneral Santos through the initiative of Honourable Kagawad Virgie Llido, the Chair on Tourism. The SP has submitted and amended a RESOLUTION that gives RECOGNITION to XB GENSAN for bringing PRIDE and HONOUR to the TUNA CITY.

Of course, the recognition won't end without XB GENSAN giving a SAMPLE!

I was just overwhelmed and amazed to see them finally performing LIVE! Should I say, I had a hair-raising experience as I see them dancing with so much PASSION and DETERMINATION.

Now, I can truly say why XB GENSAN brought home the BACON!

Mabuhay ang XB GENSAN!