Monday, August 9, 2010

My Motivation

My Love for GOD is the best thing that motivated me to where I am now at this point in my life. I lift up everything to Him and offer to Him all my pains, sufferings, hopes and joys. I owe to Him my existence so I lived by His ideals and teachings. Amidst my imperfections, I have strived to live in accordance to His will. All of these became my motivation to strive harder and pursue excellence in everything I do for I strongly believe that this is the life He wanted me to live and experience.

My family played a big role and more so became my inspiration and motivation to be at my very best in everything I do. They are the persons who have given me overflowing love and undying support in times of fervor and distress. They became my shield against the principalities of evil and temptations. Indeed, I am a family-oriented person.

My teachers and professors in College also played a vital role in molding my values formation. They were my second parents who guided my studies and inculcated in me the Core values of NDDU namely the Marian Spirit, Humility, Simplicity, Preference for the Least Favored, Presence and Participation, Love of Work, Integrity of Creation and Quality Education. They were the one who gave me constructive criticisms in order for me to improve and expand my horizon. My teachers and professors taught me the basics of life. They provided us with vivid picture on what is to expect in the real world after college.

My friends and peers were the one who have placed colors and spices in my life. They are used to be strangers and now new found brothers and sisters who are worth-keeping a lifetime. They were the people who taught us to smile and enjoy the best things in life. They taught me the values of trust and respect since all of us are bonded with similarities and lots of differences. They taught me to deal with life in a lighter perspective. They were the persons who truly understand me after my family.

I owe to them everything!!!

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King Zapanta said...

i like it...its more of an ambassador speech..keep blogging sis.mwah..