Monday, August 9, 2010

How were you able to lead a balanced life as a student?

I have lived a balanced life as a student by remembering these two words: TIME and ACTION Management. Time Management is really a big and vital factor especially for students for it defines the proper spacing of all your actions. Before you can have your actions, first you must be able to set the time. Time Management really helped me a lot in maintaining balance in my student life for it allows me to budget every minute into meaningful activities. I value so much the time I have for my studies, the time for my extra-curricular activities, the time for my recreations, the time for myself and the time for my loved ones. These things would not have been possible to give attention to if I failed to manage my time. It is more so of prioritizing and weighing the amount of time a certain aspect must have. I might be spending more time with my family and loved ones during vacations and more time of studying during semesters. However, I must not lack time in every aspect of my life for I strongly believe that TIME is GOLD and IRREVERSIBLE.

A perfect combination for TIME MANAGEMENT is ACTION MANAGEMENT. After deciding and weighing the amount of time I must spend in every aspect of my life, I must now act and do something that would make this amount of time worthy. Action management is the application of my decisions and the result of my choices. This is my response from the allotted time you have decided to allocate. As a student, this refers to all my actions such as studying itself, doing home works and projects, attending school affairs and all the things that demands physical and even mental operations. It is important for us students to have a wise Action management so that we could be able to do the right thing that would benefit our future.

This is my secret in living a balanced life as a student. A combination of TIME and ACTION management that is really effective in coming up with decisions and actions that are in favor of my bright future.

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