Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Enjoying my Red Stilettos

After College Graduation, I really expect that things will be a lot complicated. The world would be so much different. New people to meet and new environment to fill in. I guess the biggest dilemma of any fresh college graduate is to find a JOB or EMPLOYMENT right after. In God’s grace, I graduated with an honor of Magna Cum Laude. It was indeed one of the greatest achievements of my life. Although my father is not there to witness the fruit of my labor, I dedicated to him the greatest speech of my life – my Valedictory Address. Of course, I was so thankful to my family and to all those people who have been part of this success.

Going back to reality, we cannot deny the fact that not all fresh graduates can have jobs immediately after graduation. I can’t deny the fact also that my scholastic records would really be a major factor in my employment. Having good grades and being part and active in school affairs are great factors in hitting the target. My leadership skills was also one of the factor to be considered.

Right after graduation, job offers being to shower. Call Centers, Manufacturing Companies and even in the Media Industry. Yet what caught my attention was the job offer for SM (Super Mall). SM is planning to put up a new branch here in General Santos City. Currently, they are in search of the next batch of Management Trainees that would be trained in Manila for 6 months. I guess this is my dream job. To be part of this prestigious company and have this wonderful kind of opportunity is such a nice thing to grab. So, I submitted my resume online. But luckily, I was notified by SM beforehand. This was during the Job Placement Seminar where I was one of the hosts and SM was one of our guest companies.

It is summer and another opportunity has come - the opportunity to enjoy and savor my free time with myself and with my family. This is the time that I needed the most. My college years have been so tough and stressful and majority of it was dedicated for others and the society. It is now time to dedicate a part of it to myself. That means a lot of rest and recreation. I ended up my summer escapade in a Visayas Tour. I, together with my sister, accompanied my mom in a convention held at Bacolod for almost two weeks. And it’s not the end. We had a side trip at my hometown in Iloilo and the very famous tourist spot, Boracay Island.

Iloilo was great. I mean aside from it has been very different and progressive for the past years. It was a place near my heart. This is where I was born. It is so nice to go back to your roots after 13 years. Well, I did enjoy my stay in Iloilo. Malling and of course eating talaba and sea foods were just few of my moments in such wonderful place.

On the other hand, I could not forget my first ever escapade at Boracay Island. Well, it is indeed a memorable journey to finally experience Bora. I enjoyed the place. Island hopping, beach walking, shopping and food trips are just few of the things to do in order to enjoy the famous island. I always remember in the saying that WHAT HAPPENS IN BORA, STAYS IN BORA. (whew!)
It has been a great summer experience I would never ever forget.

Going back to reality. The status of my application for SM is fairly good. I am now in the Round 3 of the Interview Process. I am patiently waiting for the result of this great offer. I really just hope it is worth the wait. I rejected other offers just for this. I really do pray hard and offer this to God. I always believe that His will be done.

At some point, I feel pressures. So many pressures. Pressure from my Alma Mater, my teachers and my classmates and even pressure from my family. I usually get paranoid as days turn into months of waiting for the result. But, my hopes are flared up high. All I think right now is that I am enjoying my red stilettos. A rare chance I might have before I enter the real world out there.

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