Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Movie Review: Unofficially Yours


The story is about a man who had a one night stand and eventually fell in love with a woman who doesn’t want to fall in love. John Lloyd Cruz plays the role of Macky Galvez who is unluckily having several failed relationships. While Angel Locsin plays the role of Ces, a modern-day woman who is afraid of commitments. And when their worlds collide a funny and sexy love story began to bloom.


The cast includes Tetchie Agbayani, Edgar Allan Guzman, Edgar Mortiz, Ian De Leon, K Brosas, Boom Labrusca, Melissa Mendez, Hyubz Azarcon, Mel Kimura, Panying, Dana Martinez, Dannielle Martinez, Patrizha Martinez. 

Directed by: Cathy Garcia-Molina


You may see a similar formula of "No Strings Attached" and "Friends with Benefits" in this film, but undeniably, UNOFFICIALLY YOURS is by far, one of the best Pinoy Romantic Comedy that has truly exceeded the "conservative mark".

The whole film really works for me. I mean, its not an extraordinary film but its a good one. Even though its plot may not be original, but the attack of the story is very Filipino. I can see a whole new flavor of RomCom Formulas that are not so typical in Pinoy films nowadays. Finally, a semi-liberated film with rich of values and learning is now on birth... thanks to this film, its great casts and to Direk Cathy's artistic mind. 

Unofficially Yours is utterly entertaining and dramatic on the end part. The progression started as Mackie (John Lloyd) and  Cess (Angel Locsin) enjoy each other's company through several sexual intercourse and a casual treatment with each other. But, when their destinies met in the same work place. Their whole journey has just begun...They resume their sexual trysts, with the agreement that there are absolutely no strings attached and that they are forbidden to fall in love with each other. Mackie however starts to fall for Ces, whose strong personality soften as Mackie starts being so nice to her.

The film's formula is very effective in making this film at par from any other Pinoy RomComs. Aside from its courageous and liberated approach to the concept of Pinoy love nowadays, the charm of its two great casts: John Lloyd and Angel has effectively brought "kilig" to its audiences across all gender. Supported with talented characters such as K Brosas, Edgar Allan Guzman, Melissa Mendez, Tetchie Agbayani and the Martinez Siblings, you'll never get bored the entire film.

Cinematography-wise, the love scenes are artistically and professionally done in a way that it wouldn't look like an R-Rated Film. Transitions and editing is fairly smooth. I also love the film's Sound Engineering. 

The main strength of this film lies on the Acting prowess of the casts especially John Lloyd and Angel. Direk Cathy has brought the best within every characters in the film. 

The film may at some point sound cliche, but the film is very relatable. Unofficially yours is a film that will entertain you and teach you a lesson in the end. It may not appeal to the conservative belief of others, but its realism formula made this film a blockbuster hit.

I am not a fan of Pinoy RomComs but I did not regret watching Unofficially Yours.



Cheez Miss said...

Know Why Unofficially Yours is a box office hit

Cheez Miss said...

Know Why Unofficially Yours is a box office hit