Monday, September 27, 2010

20 Random Things about ME

1. My middle name is ROTONI.

2. My Zodiac Sign is ARIES.

3. I am allergic to CHICKEN. grrr!

4. I used to have a CRACK in my SKULL when I was a child.

5. I can't forget to bring my HANDKERCHIEF always.

6. I have a weird mannerism of RUBBING MY NOSE very hard.

7. I am a frustrated DANCER and PERFORMER. =)

8. I love HORROR and SUSPENSE films.

9. I love DIRECTING short films and plays.

10. I have directed 3 Short films (during my college life) namely: Spirit of the Coin (2007), Te Amo (2008) and Alas Tres (2009)
(all are horror or suspense-themed)

11. I am a MASS COMMUNICATIONS Graduate.

12. My birth date (April 08) usually fall on a HOLY WEEK.

13. I love drinks and foods with CARAMEL and MOCHA.

14. I love playing LEFT 4 Dead.

15. I am the jester or the clown of the group.

16. My dream job is to be a HOLLYWOOD Director.

17. I am a devoted ROMAN CATHOLIC.

18. Among my siblings, I am the only one who don't have BAPTISMAL pictures at all. tsk tsk!

19. I already lost my dad at the age of 20. =( + May he rest in peace! love you dad!


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